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The shoulder and elbow joints allow us to rotate, bend and flex our arms. These joints can be extremely vulnerable when playing sports or just a hard fall at work or home. Whether your shoulder pain or elbow pain is from a sports injury, a hard fall or shoulder arthritis, shoulder pain can limit your ability to function at work or home. 

Our team of talented Orhtopedic Doctors, Sports Medicine Doctors and Elbow and Shoulder Specialists can help alleviate your elbow and shoulder pain and provide comprehensive care for you. Shoulder injuries and elbow injuries like rotator cuff tears, shoulder dislocations, shoulder separations, shoulder fractures, broken collar bones, elbow fractures and torn labrums are managed with conservative orthopedic care and when necessary, shoulder surgery or elbow surgery. 

We also treat overuse elbow injuries like tennis elbow or tendonitis and shoulder arthritis. We offer expert diagnosis and customized treatment including shoulder injections, elbow injections, shoulder therapy, bracing and when necessary, elbow procedures or shoulder replacement surgery.

When you visit Columbus Ortho, our Sports Medicine Doctors, Shoulder Specialists and Elbow Specialists will discuss your shoulder injury or elbow condition with you and develop an individualized treatment plan that meets your specific needs. Let our team of highly skilled orthopedic doctors and dedicated orthopaedic team help you alleviate your shoulder pain or elbow pain and get you back to your life.


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