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Hand & Wrist

We rely on our hands and wrists to perform everyday activities like typing an email, eating and getting dressed. When our hands and wrists are unable to function properly, it can result in severe pain and cause disruption in our home and work life. Hand and wrist pain can be caused by a fall on an outstretched hand, overuse, sports injury, arthritis or other diseases. 

Our Orthopedic Doctors, Sports Medicine Doctors and Hand Specialists are dedicated to relieving hand pain, wrist pain and arm pain. Whether you fell and broke your wrist, broke your hand or broke your arm, we can provide expert diagnosis and orthopedic care for you. 

For chronic wrist pain or hand pain caused by carpal tunnel or arthritis, we can offer you wrist injections, hand injections, bracing or hand therapy to reduce your discomfort. If necessary, we also provide hand surgery, wrist surgery and arm surgery.

We provide a complete range of surgical and non-surgical treatments for hand injuries and conditions, as well as wrist injuries and conditions. No matter how complex your injury or condition, our patient-centered approach allows us to develop a personalized plan of care to get you back to your family and friends.


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Common Hand, Wrist & Arm Procedures

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G. Scott Jones, M.D.

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G. Chris Galjour, M.D.

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