Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

We treat each of our patients as if they were family. Our team takes an individualized approach to understand each patient’s current injury or condition and the patient’s goals after recovery. Together, we work toward achieving your goals in a positive and fun environment. 

Our team of physical therapists and occupational therapists are highly trained in a multitude of specialized therapies that will help alleviate pain, restore mobility and flexibility, strengthen muscles and prepare you to get back to your sport, work and activities. 


Our Specialized Therapies:

  • Sports Medicine Therapy: Many of our therapists are former athletes who can help you regain your strength and flexibility while recovering from a sports injury.  State of the art equipment is also available at each location to help you achieve your goals and return to your sport.  
  • Aquatic Therapy: Our Hydroworx pool is equipped with an underwater treadmill and multiple camera angles. This type of therapy helps off-load body weight while the water exercises promote healing and strengthen muscles. 
  • Dry Needling: Relieve pain and tension with a very fine needle into the skin and muscle to release the strain.
  • McKenzie Method: Therapists are specially trained in this type of assessment and treatment system that involves moving the body into certain positions or movements to help reduce and manage pain. 
  • Graston Technique: Stretch and relax muscles with specialty instruments to massage areas around an injury.
  • Kinesio Taping Method: Support and stabilize muscles and joints without limiting motion through a specialized taping technique. This taping method also helps alleviate pain and promotes lymphatic drainage. 
  • Blood Flow Restriction Therapy: Reduce stress on the injury while strengthening injured muscles with a special cuff that applies external pressure while exercising and moving. 
  • Industrial Rehabilitation:  Our therapists develop an individualized treatment approach for each patient, aimed at helping you return to your occupation through improving functional status and work capacity.  We offer work conditioning, work hardening, and functional capacity evaluations (FCE).  
  • Hand Therapy:  We have a team of therapists, including two Certified Hand Therapists, who are trained to help you regain your strength and mobility and maximize your function.  
  • Biodex Machine: We can measure muscle strength and recovery progress with this type of computerized fitness machine. It can be used for training or return to sport testing. 
  • Mulligan Concept/Mobilization with Movement: Each of our therapists have received specialized training in the Mulligan Concept. This is a type of manual therapy that helps restore functional movement through therapist applied force with patient generated movement.

There is no greater joy than watching our patients regain their confidence and return to the active lifestyle they enjoy, whether it’s returning to a sport, work or chasing around children or grandchildren.

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