Sports Medicine Outreach Program

Columbus Ortho’s Sports Medicine Outreach Program partners with local universities, colleges and schools to provide Sports Medicine Team Doctors and/or Certified Athletic Trainers for practices, home and away games and other sporting events throughout the year. 

What is a Certified Athletic Trainer? 

Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC) specialize in preventing, diagnosing and treating sports injuries. Before practices and games, you will see athletes getting their ankles taped or stretching key muscle groups with a Certified Athletic Trainer.

When an athlete goes down during a game with a concussion or injury, usually the first person you see running onto the field is the Certified Athletic Trainer.  They are able to quickly assess the athlete, provide emergency care/first aid, and determine the extent of the injury or condition. The ATC will decide if the athlete is safe to come off the field on their own, with help or on a cart. On the sidelines, the ATC will do further evaluations to determine if it is safe for the athlete to return to the game or requires additional evaluation by a sports medicine doctor or orthopaedic surgeon.  

Many mild injuries are treated by the ATC in the training room with ice or heat therapy, electrical muscle stimulation (ESTIM), kinesio taping, or exercises to strengthen or mobilize the injured area. After major injuries or surgery, the ATC will work with the doctor and therapist to help the athlete return to their sport.   

We are proud to be a trusted partner by area colleges and schools in the care of their athletes. The athletic trainers and physicians of Columbus Orthopaedic Clinic proudly serve numerous area athletic programs including the following:

  • Mississippi State University
  • Mississippi University for Women
  • East Webster High School
  • Eupora High School
  • Calhoun City High School
  • Winona Christian School
  • French Camp Academy
  • Houston High School

Lindsey Gentry, MS, ATC, LAT

Ken Lee, ATC, LAT

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