Occupational Therapist – Kayla Young, OT

Today’s spotlight is on Kayla Young, OT. Kayla is a registered and licensed Occupational Therapist.

Through personal experiences with injuries and having family members with chronic conditions, Kayla saw the impact that occupational therapy can have in transforming lives for the better. She loves seeing the joy that patients have when they return to doing the things they love most in life. She enjoys being part of the recovery process and learning something new from each patient.   

Kayla recently underwent shoulder surgery which gave her a new perspective in patient care. She is now able to better empathize with her patients and develop recovery goals with a more holistic view. She understands that there is more to recovery than the physical aspect and it’s important to build a trusting relationship with each patient.

Kayla loves remaining active and staying outdoors. She recently moved to Columbus from Olive Branch, MS and looks forward to getting familiar with the area.

Learn more about Kayla and our occupational therapy and hand therapy treatment options by visiting us at www.ColumbusOrtho.com or call for an appointment at 662.328.1012. 

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