Lyndsey Stillman, RN – Administrator, ASC


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Lyndsey Stillman, RN – Administrator, ASC

Lyndsey has always felt a strong desire to have a meaningful career that creates a positive impact for the lives of others. While completing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, she found the medical field to be exciting and challenging. She was especially captivated by trauma and emergency medicine in her early career. She also became involved in quality improvement projects and realized she could use her nursing career to make positive changes to patient care and safety that would reach every single patient. 

While working on quality improvement projects, she realized the importance of leadership communication and grew an appreciation for leadership coaching and counseling. Lyndsey’s leadership philosophy is based on encouraging others to strive for excellence by creating a culture of teamwork and collaboration while inspiring individuals to achieve their potential. 

Lyndsey was drawn to outpatient orthopedic surgery due to the immediate gratification of improving her patient’s quality of life. She is able to personally relate to her surgery patients due to her own set of basketball and skiing injuries. She fully understands the pain, fear, frustration, and setbacks associated with a major injury. Lyndsey finds it most helpful to encourage positive thoughts and find each patient’s motivation for recovery. 

Working with Mississippi State University athletes provides daily inspiration to Lyndsey. She continues to witness incredible comebacks for what could have been career-ending injuries. Lyndsey loves watching these young athletes be extremely motivated and always put in the hard work that is required after recovery. She has had the pleasure of watching many athletes actually come back stronger than before!

When she is away from patients, Lyndsey loves exploring yoga, her newest exercise hobby. You can also find her traveling, playing piano, reading books or cheering for her husband as he coaches a local high school football team.