Team Spotlight – Amy Sharp, PT

Today’s spotlight is on Amy Sharp, PT. Amy is a Physical Therapist with special training in Aquatic Therapy, Hand Therapy, the Graston Technique, and the McKenzie Method

  • Aquatic Therapy: Our Hydroworx pool is equipped with an underwater treadmill and multiple camera angles. This type of therapy helps off-load body weight while the water exercises promote healing and strengthen muscles.
  • Graston Technique: Stretch and relax muscles with specialty instruments to massage areas around an injury.
  • McKenzie Method:Therapists are specially trained in this type of assessment and treatment system that involves moving the body into certain positions or movements to help reduce and manage pain.

Her patient care philosophy is to treat each patient as if they are  family and treat them the way she would want to be treated as a patient. She believes in listening to each patient’s goals and working together to develop the best treatment plan.  Every patient and  every goal is different which makes her job diverse, ever changing and always interesting. Amy loves being able to take each patient to the goal line and hearing them say “I can do this today, but I could not one week ago!”

To learn more about Amy and the different physical therapy treatment options, visit us at or call for an appointment at 662.328.1012.

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