Patient Testimonials

"Saw Dr. Altmyer re chronic knee problem. This is the most professional, well-run, Medical Facility I have ever been to. The staff is very courteous and amazingly efficient . Dr. Altmyer took his time with me to clearly explain his diagnosis and his advice on how to pursue a resolution to my problem.This practice gets 5 stars from me from the moment I walked in the door until I left !"

- Douglas Gavron

Treated By: Chad Steele Altmyer, M.D.

"I started experiencing left shoulder pain & was having trouble lifting or using my arm at all. Dr. Linton performed surgery on my left shoulder in October of 2015 & I continued the recovery process with Kevin Randall as my physical therapist. Everyone did a great job. The surgery center did a wonderful job & my nerve block the day of surgery worked great so I had time to settle in at home before the numbness wore off. I lift weights & I'm also an avid runner & I'm able to do everything I was doing before & have reached new fitness goals. I'm thankful to have such great doctors in Columbus!"

- Amy Pannell

Treated By: Russell C. Linton, M.D.

"Dr. Macias performed bunion surgery on my right foot. I am an avid runner and tennis player and my foot stayed sore from the deformity. I had my surgery in August of 2017 and I was back to normal by November of 2017. I am thankful for Dr. Macias's expertise."

- Judy Bumgardner

Treated By: David M. Macias, M.D.

"I came to Dr. Galjour for a second opinion on my right shoulder. I had a shoulder surgery in 2016 and had severe pain before the surgery and even worse pain after the surgery. He was very complete in regards to every detail from previous surgeries to my issue at hand with my shoulder. He was very understanding and listen to every complaint I had. He was sympathetic and very compassionate about his duties as a doctor. We talked over the details and after a MRI decides to undergo surgery again on my shoulder with Dr. Galjour. After the surgery, I was 90% better as far as movement and pain within 2 weeks. 3 months after surgery, I was at 100% and minimal pain. Dr. Galjour helped me receive my goal for movement and pain free live. I am back to my normal self and the best part I only had to take a few pain medications after the surgery. I can dress myself and fix my hair again without assistance. I am so thankful for Dr. Galjour and he has the best bedside manner I have ever witnessed. I wish more doctors were as compassionate about their job and their patients as Dr. Galjour is. Thank you Dr. Galjour and all the staff at Columbus Orthopedic. "

- Beth Moore

Treated By: G. Chris Galjour, M.D.

"I was experiencing terrible pain in my right knee. Dr. Jones said it was a torn meniscus and proceeded to schedule me for surgery. I feel so much better now and can get around and resume my daily life activities. Thank you Dr. Jones and Suzy for helping me!"

- Angela Pendas

Treated By: Gordon Scott Jones, M.D.

"I am an avid trail-runner and weight-lifter. I was experiencing some pain and swelling in my right knee and had to make frequent stops when exercising. I saw Dr. Jones and was found to have a torn meniscus in the main weight-bearing aspect of my knee. Dr. Jones fixed me right up and I've been doing GREAT ever since!"

- Lewis Bateman

Treated By: Gordon Scott Jones, M.D.

"Peyton Fandel is an excellent physical therapist. I had bunion surgery and he helped me get back to 100%. He was very patient and caring. Peyton answered all of my many questions. He was in constant communication with Dr. Macias on my progress. "

- Judy Bumgardner

Treated By: Peyton Fandel, DPT

"I was experiencing shoulder pain after I fell cleaning my house. I live on the coast and had heard wonderful things about Columbus Ortho. Dr. Jones repaired my shoulder. I completed my physical therapy in Biloxi and my Physical Therapist could not believe how fast I recovered. I am in my mid seventies and my shoulder feels perfect. Thank You Dr. Jones!!"

- Alice Smith

Treated By: Gordon Scott Jones, M.D.